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Marty Hrejsa - Lead Singer
Marty first started singing on the stoops of Chicago at age five, entertaining the neighbors with Elvis tunes. The revolutionary sounds of the sixties were a further influence on him with bands like The Beatles, The Doors, the Rolling Stones, and his favorite, Jimi Hendrix. Later in life, his stage and film career allowed him to play different characters with small singing roles. He has written and performed his own music such as "Destroyer", as well as soundtracks for the movie industry. Currently performing with his Gypsy Breeze family, he is enjoying the ride called Life.
Glen Duncan- Lead Guitar
Glen Duncan has played guitar extensively through Hollywood Clubs such as Whiskey, Roxy Key Club and many others.  Glen has written and recorded with "XZILED" and Knights Templar and has done many projects for movies and TV.  As versatile as they come, Glen plays Blues, Rock, and Progressive Metal.  His influence came from Jimmy Page, Michael Schenker, RichieBlackmore, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others
Robert Haupt- Drums
It all started with listening to my parent's records of The Ventures back in the early sixties. I bought my first snare drum and had my sister Lorrie hold a pan lid for a cymbal as I played along. When I went to The Teenage Fair at The Palladium in Hollywood, I saw a band do Hendrix's "Manic Depression", and I was hooked! I wanted to be in a band! All through junior and senior high, I played in a lot of bands, one of them was good enough to play at The Whiskey in Hollywood. Played with some original bands that show cased for the Music Industry,  Gypsy Breeze comes along at the right time and place. I have had many influences over the course of my life, most notably Keith Moon, Phil Ehart, Mitch Mitchell, Jeff Porcaro, Roger Taylor, and John Bonham.
Eddie Montano-Bass Guitar
Eddie Montano (bass guitar player) plays R & B, Blues and Rock and Roll and was influenced by The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat band ZZ Top, Chuck Berry ,and Howlin wolf, and so many more.
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